Jean De La Fontaine says “Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.”

Oh wow! I really like that one and I must admit, it really resonates with me!

You see, I am really passionate about what it is that I do (mind you – if the truth be told, I am really passionate about a good party too) and I am so fired up about what I can do and the difference that I can make, not only in the lives of others but my own life too, that in the middle of this so called ‘recession’, my business has grown in leaps and bounds! How cool is that?

Yip, that’s right, it has actually grown. It has morphed into something completely different to what I first hand in mind almost seven years ago, but you know what . . . I like it even more. I like how it fits and I love how it makes me feel. I love the fact that right now, as I am writing these words, there is a smile on my face. Truth is, I like it more and am more passionate about what I do (if that is at all possible) than I was when I started out.

Here’s the thing – my passion shows. People can see it and they often wonder what it is that I have that they don’t. Not only can they see it, but they can also feel it in the energy that comes from me. It shows in the way that my face changes and my eyes light up when I talk about the various projects that I am currently involved with and the ones that are in the pipeline. It shows when I get a new client or when I have met all the expectations, perceptions and requirements of an existing client.

It definitely does show when I have thought ‘out of the box’ and seen an opportunity that others feel will fall flat or that cannot materialize and I am sure you can understand just how much it does show, when I prove them wrong and get the whole thing going.

I know that it shows on the inside, when I achieve my goals and when I know that I have made a difference. It shows on the inside when I see someone’s eyes light up when they ‘get’ whatever it is that I am trying to show them.

Most of all though, my passion shows on the inside, when I receive the accolades from clients, institutions, colleagues, friends, family and even total strangers in recognition for sharing my passion, for being real and often for doing what everyone else thought could never be done.

Impossibilities turn into possibilities when your heart and soul are fired up by passion!

About the author: Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

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