In order to get anywhere, you need to have a vision for where you are going. You need to have a picture of the outcome that you desire or you will never know when you have arrived. This is true especially for entrepreneurs who need to overcome many obstacles on the road to success and so you need to know where you are heading. So what does success look like for you?

I believe that success as an entrepreneur should involve three main areas – wealth, freedom and meaning. I believe that you need to achieve success in all three of these areas in order to experience a true sense of success fulfilment as an entrepreneur.


Notice that this area of success is not money, as wealth is more than just money. Wealth is the accumulation of money and assets that eventually grow sufficiently to allow for complete financial freedom – financial wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond – whilst still generating ongoing passive income.

Too many entrepreneurs focus on money instead of wealth. It is not money in and of itself that will allow for wealth creation, but rather, it is what we do with money that determines wealth. The bottom line in achieving wealth is accumulating money over time through what we do as entrepreneurs.

I believe that wealth can also encompass the riches of your whole life, including the wealth of your relationships, health, vitality and legacy so while financial wealth is important, it does not include all that a truly wealthy life is.


Freedom in entrepreneurship is realised when your business grows to the point where it literally starts working for you rather than you having to work for it. As you build your business, the systems, resources and mechanisms that you put into place should be aimed at allowing your business to become more and more efficient in running itself, so that it requires less and less of your own time and energy to keep it operating optimally. Once your business is able to carry on generating income without your own time having to be invested in it, you will have achieved the lifestyle freedom of a successful entrepreneur.


The entrepreneurial endeavour you undertake should contribute to a cause greater than just yourself in order for your vision to embody significant meaning. Living a life of meaning is the only way to truly fulfil ourselves as whole beings. Rather than merely existing and surviving from day to day in a chaotic quandary of what it’s all supposed to be about, we should all be striving to live a life of true meaning, being consciously aware that what we do impacts on those around us and adds value to others’ lives.

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