Anton Ressel writes on Bizcommunity that many businesses assume that when sales are down, it is the product offering that is the problem. But in most cases this just simply isn’t true and there are a variety of other avenues to consider.

“…a tendency to assume that when sales are down and things are tough, the product must be the problem. If the product is the problem, the solution becomes very simple – make more, and hopefully better, products. Spurred on by creative passion we dive headlong into the development of new ranges and better mousetraps, but very seldom do these efforts result in the repeat business and economies of scale that all manufacturers need to sustain their business.”

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Nicole Germond

Nicole Germond

Digital Guru at Refract Marketing
Nicole Germond is the Digital Manager at Chocolate Shoebox and is responsible for clients' websites, social campaigns, and brand strategies. Creating new, or building on to clients' existing marketing campaigns, she oversees and manages strategy implementation and maintains the client's online image.

Her specialties include copywriting, web design and development, social media, community management, email marketing, and digital media.
Nicole Germond

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