As a start-up or small business owner, the daily commute of operations generally drains the lifeblood out of the best of entrepreneurs. And, these time-sensitive operations leave little time to enhance their skills set at an after- or between hours higher education facility.

Enter digital education options.

As we steadily move toward a digital world and more frequent engaging conversation takes place, its cousins – e-Learning and online learning – are not far off. So, just what are companies like Siyandza Skills Development meticulously developing in these areas?

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I am amazed by people who go to (or even set up) networking meetings or events who do not have business cards with them! I mean, I can sort of understand being somewhere and running out of cards because you underestimated the size of the crowd that actually arrived (that’s why I always have a full box of cards in the car), but people going to a networking event or even hosting a networking event and not having any cards – well that just defies logic.

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“We’re obviously going to spend a lot in marketing because we think the product sells itself”. (Jim Allchin – Microsoft Executive)

That sums up the marketing challenge facing small businesses. The only way to sell the product is through aggressive marketing; but you can’t afford the marketing because the product isn’t selling. It’s a catch 22. Big companies can spend millions making sure their product is given a chance to penetrate the market.

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This week Nikki Viljoen takes us further into the process of hiring staff. Last time we had a look at how to screen the applicants using a job description, and today we will progress on to the actual interview.

So there I was, left with three applicants for the job. How to choose which one would be the most suitable for the position?

At this point it is not always about the qualifications and the number of years of experience – what happens, as in my particular situation, when you have three individuals who meet all the requirements in the job description? Well, at least that is what they said.

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