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If you're doing social marketing, or thinking about starting in the social space, it's essential to know which platforms are best suited to your business. Where is your target market engaging and which social platforms are they using?

This infographic from Talooma will give you a good overview of the social media statistics for South Africa, and can serve as a great starting point for your social strategy.

Click the image below to view the whole infographic

Originally from: www.chocolateshoebox.co.za
About the Author
Nicole Germond
Nicole Germond is the Digital Manager at Chocolate Shoebox and is responsible for clients' websites, social campaigns, and brand strategies. Creating new, or building on to clients' existing marketing campaigns, she oversees and manages strategy implementation and maintains the client's online image.

Her specialties include copywriting, web design and development, social media, community management, email marketing, and digital media.

"This is the digital revolution and I plan to be a part of it!"

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