To freelance, or not to freelance, that is the question! You stare into space as a conundrum rolls through your brain. Could I possibly climb to the top of the food chain? What is my true worth? Do I have any concept of my true potential?


Am I ready to start exploring the big world out there? Do I yearn to explore my untapped skills? Am I prepared to fight for what I want? Can I make it on my own? Do I have the guts to do it, never mind the leap of faith?

The word is out; you have finally decided to do this. No more instructions from your boss, no more unappreciated late nights, no more intrusive eavesdropping when you are on the phone, no more unjust accusations when things don’t go according to plan, no more one-man teamwork, and no more longing to set yourself free.

The last time you were this excited about a new experience was when your mother allowed you to get your first training bra & all because Sara had one. Your adrenalin is now pumping. The fact that you are not sure whether it is out of excitement or fear is neither here nor there. You have come up with a company name; your business cards, letterheads and complimentary slips are at the printers; your corporate profile is almost complete; your website is about to go live and your new outfit and laptop complete the picture of sheer professionalism.

You have a huge smile on your face because you know that you are now the boss. It may be daunting, but the sky is the limit with regard to your earnings, you can set your own working hours, and your business and success is what you make of it.

While the word ‘success’ may sound as sweet as honey, the recipe is full of nasty ingredients such as hard work, discipline, dedication, determination, long hours, sacrifice, half a spoon of salt, a cup of flour and 500ml of water.

To freelance or not to freelance, that is the question…

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