altThe idea of working from home appeals to many people who long for some flexibility in their work schedule, or don’t enjoy corporate culture, or who want to start their own business. Robin Wheeler shares some further insights into why working from home can be a good move.

Running your business or freelancing from home makes sense on many levels. It is worth considering and adapting to, for you, your clients and the planet.

 Immediate picture
The primary benefits of having an office in your house are to you personally. You get to work in your own space, where your heart is. You can dress the way you are most comfortable, surround yourself with creative and beautiful visuals and sounds to your taste, and keep flexible hours in line with your needs and chosen lifestyle.

When you need to go out, you can enjoy the excursion. You can give inspired energy to clients and absorb insight from them through genuine connections, then get back to where you integrate it all and recharge. You are balanced.

The potential pitfalls are: working too hard; losing your personal space; and, feeling isolated. All of these can be easily learned from and counteracted, and are far outweighed by the benefits.

Bigger picture
Your family gets to see more of you and, if you manage yourself right, the person they see is happy, relaxed and fulfilled. Kids have you in their lives, you can grab special moments here, there and everywhere with your partner and friends, and you spend your days where there is fresh air and sunshine rather than artificial environments, all of which is priceless.

It can become enmeshed, and it is healthy for couples to have independent lives to some extent. When you see the signs of frayed nerves or blurred boundaries, do the necessary to restore creative and dynamic harmony. Working from home is a living thing.

Even bigger picture
You get stuck in and contribute much less to traffic, which is significant for your sanity and productivity. Your transport costs are lower, plus you travel off peak, which spreads the load on the infrastructure. More work is done in the virtual realm today, too, which is increasingly accessible from anywhere: home, hotel, road or air.

Overall overheads come down, which is in line with trends, and you can pass your savings on to your clients. Working from home is not only a trend in itself but one that fits well with many others.

Biggest picture
Environmental awareness and sustainability are becoming paramount at exponential speed. The intelligence inherent in managing ourselves, our businesses, our relationships, our resources, and our planet properly will overtake most of the infrastructural and social systems that are currently creaking and crumbling. We will all work for all round wellbeing not just profit, and prosperity will be stabilised for the whole and not skewed towards the minority.
Why have a workplace when you have a home? Why leave one empty when you are at the other? Why split your life and personality into parts when health comes from being holistic? Why head off  in traffic to industrial temples when you have an authentic castle all your own?

What we regard as work, how we are of service, the commodities we trade, and how we value them, are all evolving. Where we are based is what these will be built on.

Bottom line
Working from home makes sense and it makes magic on every level. Having just renovated my sanctuary, I am beginning the year feeling refurbished inside and out. It is a big and beautiful part of being yourself for a living.

About the author: Robin Wheeler is a transformation specialist and author of the INSIGHTS and FURTHER INSIGHTS books. Visit for more information.

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