Adding social media functionality is a simple, free way to streamline the content on your website with your company’s social profiles.

This article will help you to understand what options there are to turn your website into the centre of your brand’s social network.

Why Put Social Media on Your Website?

Social media is fast becoming one of a brand’s most accessible marketing platforms. It is also an extremely useful CRM tool; your social profiles can be a great place for your customers to talk to you and express their comments or questions.

Making your social presence known on your website will allow your visitors to join your network and not only improve your communication, but also create a more personable, responsive image for your company.

1. Add Social Media Buttons that Link to Your Profiles

altThis is by far the simplest and quickest way to integrate social media into your website and the one that no site should be without!

Adding social media buttons to your site with links to your social profiles will let people know where you are and how to find you! If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

Moving people over to your social profiles is valuable; gaining a like holds a lot of long-term benefits. Once someone is following you on a social profile, you have opened up the channels of communication to that person long after they have left your site. This does, however, mean that you need to keep your social media platforms engaging and interesting – the consumer public is a fickle beast. They will only stay as long as they are interested and won’t hesitate to leave you if they aren’t. So be mindful!

Check out our homepage to see Chocolate Shoebox’s social buttons.

2. Place Social Sharing Buttons on your articles

altIn the world of social media content is king, so getting your content out to as many eyes as you can is imperative. Social sharing buttons let visitors share your content to their own social profiles.

People are interested in suggestions and recommendations from those they know, so giving everyone the opportunity to share your content is imperative to your social success!

There is an array of social buttons that you can add to your content – including all the biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google+, as well as a whole host of others. Find out where your target market is playing in the social sandbox and let them share there!

To Add A Facebook Button
To Add A Google Plus Button
To Add A Twitter Button
To Add A LinkedIn Button

3. Use Twitter and Facebook Activity Feeds

altFacebook and Twitter feeds are a great way to keep the content on your site updated and fresh, even if you don’t always have time to add new content.

Just remember – if you are going to use feeds, make sure they are relevant to your website and your business. You don’t want tweets about what you had for breakfast showing up on your site. (Although if I can voice my opinion here, you should be tweeting about your breakfast antics in the first place. Just saying.)

Add a Twitter Activity Feed
Add a Facebook Activity Feed

4. Use the Facebook “Send” Button

The Facebook Send button allows your visitors to easily send your content to their friends. The difference between this and the Facebook Like button is simply that it will send the URL as a private message to a select number of friends instead of publicly posting the content on their wall.

This makes it an excellent tool for more targeted, specific content.

Add a Facebook Send Button

5. Add a Facebook Like Box

altPeople are all influenced what other people think, especially in the world of the internet. It’s the age of digital ‘word of mouth’ and we are far more likely to respect the opinion of someone we feel is objective than of a brand who is trying to promote something.

Adding a Facebook Like box will allow visitors to your site to see all your company’s followers on Facebook. It is validation and proof from objective peers that your company is socially active and worth following. Plus, the Like Box lets people like your page without ever leaving your site. You don’t want to be driving your traffic away now do you?

Add a Facebook Like Box

It’s Your Turn!

Do you know of any other ways to integrate social media into a website, or do you have any questions about how all this is done? Drop us a comment right here, send us an email, or find us on Facebook – we’ll try our hardest to answer your questions with intelligence and your comments with passion!

Nicole Germond

Nicole Germond

Digital Guru at Refract Marketing
Nicole Germond is the Digital Manager at Chocolate Shoebox and is responsible for clients' websites, social campaigns, and brand strategies. Creating new, or building on to clients' existing marketing campaigns, she oversees and manages strategy implementation and maintains the client's online image.

Her specialties include copywriting, web design and development, social media, community management, email marketing, and digital media.
Nicole Germond

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