Every entrepreneur and salesperson alike has to learn to deal with good news and bad news every day. It’s only when the bad news becomes too frequent that a business gets into treacherous waters! There are some age-old sales tricks that can always be counted on to keep the good news coming. Here are a few top tips that successful salespeople swear by:

  1. When you find yourself getting desperate and “stalking” a prospect, it’s time to take a step back and cast attention on creating brand new leads. Become excited again by talking to new people about your product. Spend time talking to new people in a light-hearted and fun way. Attend networking events and meet interesting people. It’s amazing what happens when you lose the desperation and it becomes fun again to talk about your product!
  2. No matter how tempting the money in the deal may be, never lose sight of the person that stands before you. Develop a genuine care for the overall wellbeing of your prospect. What is the real reason she should get the product? How will it make a difference in her life? Does she REALLY need it? Doing this requires that you start seeing life from the perspective of your prospect. This is the point at which the magic happens. Your prospect, feeling the authenticity of your care, becomes a comrade who works with you – not against you.
  3. Get to know your prospect. Spend those vital few minutes collecting valuable information about the needs of the prospect. This information becomes invaluable later on when the prospect starts having second thoughts. This is the point at which you remind the prospect of his own personal reasons for getting it. At the start of any deal, listen more and talk less.
  4. Always fully acknowledge the objection of a prospect. We all tend to resist objections. We either avoid them when they come up or we lash out at the person who objects. It’s perfectly natural for prospects to dish out objections. All they want is to be heard. Give them a good sound acknowledgement. Don’t become defensive or explain yourself in any way. Simply remain calm, breathe and acknowledge. Let your prospect see that his communication has been truly and sincerely received by you. Don’t ever be pretentious about it.
Jain McGuigan

Jain McGuigan

Founder and Owner at Refract Marketing, Small Business Forum, PearZoo, 8th Avenue
Jain Mc Guigan is the founder and owner of Refract Marketing outsourced marketing solutions, as well as the founder of the Small Business Forum.

As the owner of a small business herself, Jain is passionate about small business and helping other SME’s succeed. She started the Small Business Forum to network and join forces with other SME’s and entrepreneurs in order to share knowledge, support and grow businesses together.
Jain McGuigan

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